ABC: Jabiru Native Title claim victory for Mirarr Traditional Owners

Publish Date:
9th November 2018


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Generations of Mirarr people have lived traditionally and used the land within the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park for thousands of years.

In 2017, researchers uncovered a wealth of artefacts on Mirarr country which indicated humans reached Australia at least 65,000 years ago — up to 18,000 years earlier than archaeologists previously thought.

Today, a special on-country hearing will be held to present the Mirarr native title holders, led by five senior women, with hard copies of the native title determination over areas of the Jabiru township.

The Mirarr estate extends beyond Jabiru to include areas affected by the Ranger Uranium Mine and the Jabiluka mineral lease. 

In 1998, Yvonne Margarula, the daughter of Toby Gangale — one of the most prominent Mirarr people to opposed the mine in the 1970s — filed the application for native title with the Federal Court of Australia on behalf of the Mirarr people under the newly passed act.

The determination is an important next step for the community to have a voice as the Ranger Uranium Mine winds up its operations.

read full story on ABC website