The Mirarr are the Traditional Aboriginal Owners of lands in the north of Australia’s Northern Territory.

Mirarr country is a stunning place. Most Mirarr land is within the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park including the vibrant wetlands of the Jabiluka billabong country and the stunning sandstone escarpment of Djidbidjidbi (Mount Brockman). The Mirarr estate extends beyond Kakadu to Western Arnhem Land and also includes the Ranger uranium mine, the Jabiluka mineral lease and the mining town of Jabiru.

Map of Kakadu showing township of Jabiru, Ranger Uranium Mine, Jabiluka Mineral Lease and location within Australia. 

Mirarr speak an average of three Aboriginal languages plus English. Of these languages the Kundjeyhmi language is the dominant tongue (pronounced kund-jate-me).

Yvonne Margarula is the Senior Traditional Owner and leader of the Mirarr people

Yvonne Margarula lives on Mirarr country and is regularly called upon to make decisions in consultation with other Mirarr on an extraordinary range of issues affecting Aboriginal people of the Kakadu region.

Mirarr established Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) in 1995 to represent their rights and interests.

In accordance with customary law and tradition Mirarr have obligations and responsibilities to other Bininj affected by Mirarr decisions about Mirarr country.