Rio Tinto majority crucial for Ranger clean-up

Publish Date:
18th February 2020

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The Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation, on behalf of the Mirarr traditional Aboriginal owners of the Ranger uranium mine and the Jabiluka deposit at Kakadu National Park provide the following statement for immediate release. 

All investors in Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) should understand that the Renounceable Share Entitlement Offer relates solely to funding the vital rehabilitation of the Ranger Project Area at the World Heritage listed Kakadu National Park. The GAC expect that further funds for Ranger’s total clean-up will be needed. 

There should be no expectation that any investment in ERA will be recouped from the development of the Jabiluka deposit, for which there is no traditional owner support. 

The Mirarr traditional owners applaud the work that ERA has done on the Ranger Mine Closure Plan, with the considerable financial support of its major shareholder, Rio Tinto. ERA and Rio Tinto have demonstrated a clear commitment to working with the traditional owners to address Ranger’s clean-up in a true spirit of corporate social responsibility. 

Recent investors in ERA, including Zentree Investments and Willy Packer, should not be speculating about future mining. They are investing in meeting the significant challenge of rehabilitating the traditional land and waters of the Mirarr people and in protecting Kakadu National Park.

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